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A New Species of the Genus Pharnacia (Phasmatodea: Phasmatidae: Phasmatinae: Pharnaciini) on Mango Trees in Sibuyan Island with Notes on Stick Insects Found on Agricultural Crops

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Journal:Philippine Agricultural Scientist
Start Page:115
Date Published:06/2008
Keywords:giant stick insects, Pharnacia, Pharnacia magdiwang, Phasmatodea, stick insects

A new large species of stick insect, Pharnacia magdiwang Lit & Eusebio, sp. nov., is described from Sibuyan Island in Romblon Province, central Philippines. The species inhabits mango trees (Mangifera indica L.) although plant damage at present is minimal and well tolerated by the host plant. The adult male, female and eggs are described and illustrated. P. magdiwang is, so far, the third Pharnacia species in the Philippines, the two others being P. kalag Zompro described in 2005, and the typespecies, P. ponderosa Stål, here reported as infesting pili trees (Canarium ovatum Engl.) and other economically important plants in natural forests and agroforestry areas. All three species of Pharnacia are endemic to the Philippines and are differentiated in keys to adults and eggs herein provided. P. magdiwang brings to six the total number of the so-called known giant stick insects in the Philippines. Apart from P. magdiwang and P. ponderosa, other stick insects on economically important crops are also noted. The probable identity of the species once reported to attack Pandanus sp. used for weaving
mats in Panay is proposed.

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