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Changes of taxonomy in giant stick-insects

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:25
Date Published:06/1996
Keywords:Pharnacia, Phasmida, Phobaeticus, Taxonomy, Tirachoidea

The genus Tirachoidea Brunner von Wattenwyl is confirmed as a synonym of Phamacia StAl, having been listed as a separate genus from 1893·1908 and since 1923. Listings of species are given, following the transfer of several species formerly in the genus Phamacia, mainly to the genus Phobaeticus Brunner von Wattenwyl; for which for type species of Phobaeticus sobrinus has been selected. As a result of these significant taxonomic changes, affecting some of the longest species in the world, an amendment to keys to tribes of the subfamily Phasmatinae is proposed.

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