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A review of the genus Medaura Sb\l, 1875 (phasmatidae: Phasmatinae), including the description of a new species from Bangladesh

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2000
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:11
Date Published:12/2000
Keywords:key to genus, Medaura jobrensis n.sp., Medaura review, Phasmida

The genus Medaura Stal, 1875 is reviewed. Keys are provided to distinguish adults and eggs of the two species, which includes M. jobrensis -a new species from the Chittagong region, Bangladesh. It is pointed out that both species vary considerably in the degree of lobes and tubercles present, hence Medaura nimia Brunner, 1907 and Medaura subintegra Carl, 1913 are listed as new synonyms of Medaura scabriuscula (Wood-Mason, 1873) from India and Bangladesh. Medaura brunneri StAI, 1875 is confirmed as a synonym of M. scabriuscula, whose male is described for the first time. Figures of adults and eggs are provided.

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