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A reassessment of some Bornean Lonchodinae and Aschiphasmatidae, with some lectotype designations, new synonyms, and the description of two new species

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:11
Date Published:09/2005
Keywords:Borneo, Dinophasma viridis n.sp., lectotype designations, Lonchodes bushelli n.sp., Necroscia ischnotegmina nom.nov., new synonyms, Phasmatodea, Phasmida, Xylobistus

A visit 10 Ihe natural history museums in Vienna and Dresden. along with pholOgraphs kindly selll to me, and some cultured specimens have enabled a reassessment of some of the Bornean species of Lonchodinae. The male of Lonchodts ntstiCJls (Brunner, 19(7) is described and iIlustraled. Seven new synonyms have been identified: Prisoml'Tu tIlOrOOSllm Brunner, 1907 is a junior synonym of Lonchodts imitator (Brunner, 1907); Prisomera lIulejinimm Brunner. 1907 is a junior synonym of Lollcllodts ntsticus (Brunner, 1907); LonchodtS infrequtns Brunner. 1907 is a junior synonym of LoncllodtS jejllnus (Brunner, 1907); Phenactphonts parahaematomas Bragg, 1995 is a junior synonym of Phenuctphonts upilolunsis Bragg, 1994: Lonchodes hosei lIeroerri Bragg, 2001 and Carallsius colltga Brunner. 1907 are both junior synonyms of Lonchodts cllllratolobatlls (Brunner. 1907) n.comb.: Prisomera ntbrifemllr Brunner, 1907 is almost certainly a junior synonym of Lonchodes ",odeSlus (Brunner. 1907). The syntype series of several species described by Brunner (1907) have been found to contain more than one spe<:ies; lectOlypes are designated for six species of Lonchodinae. Two new species are described from Kinabalu National Park. Sabah: Loflchodes bllsMlIi n.sp. and Dinophasma viridis n.sp. Presbistus fragilis Seow-Cboen. 2000 is transferred to Necroscia Audinet-Serville. 1838 and renamed Necroscill ;scJlllolt:gmina nom.nov. Xylobistus Zompro. 2004 is a new synonym of Dinophasma Uvarov, 1940.

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