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PSG Meeting 4th July (This Saturday!)

Dear PSG members,

We hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather wherever you are!

PSG Summer meeting this Saturday, 4th July 2015 @ Natural History Museum, London
Meeting Room: Flett Theatre and Atrium

The "Flett Theatre and Atrium" area is easily accessed by entering the Natural History Museum via the side entrance (Earth Sciences) in Exhibition Road. Once inside go up the steps, turn left and then go up the staircase until you reach the glassed-in Atrium area, on the left.

This year's meeting looks to be a fantastic line up of talks covering stick insects in New Zealand, Vietnam and more, another exciting competition and the ever-popular livestock exchange - as well as an opportunity to socialise with other phasmid enthusiasts. The meeting will start at 11:30am prompt, however, you are encouraged to arrive any time from 10am to meet and mingle with members before the meeting starts. Refreshments will be available (for a small donation) and entry to the Natural History Museum is free, so you might like to have a look around before or after the meeting - there is plenty to see! Details on how to get the museum can be found here:

Enter the Competition!

All we ask is you bring in your best phasmid photo (printed, please) for the Photographic Competition. We don't expect perfection, all entries are welcome and there will be a prize! So come on, print out your best pic and bring it along :-)


** Please remember to keep your insects cool: out of direct sunlight, plenty of air-holes in containers and with enough fresh food **

- Please bring your PSG membership card, you will need to wear it at the meeting (holders provided)
- Livestock for exchange: please make sure they are in an appropriate-sized container, with enough food and clearly labelled with: their PSG number and name, your name, what food you have been feeding them, what conditions they prefer and any other helpful rearing information.
- Please remember to check all your livestock has been rehomed before leaving the meeting! We request you take home any stock that is left over, thank you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,
Phasmid Study Group

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