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Phasmids from Sabah

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Authors:R. Bradburne
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:1
Date Published:09/2005
Keywords:Asceles, Borneo, Carausius, Danum Valley, Dinophasma, Haaniella, Kinabalu, Necroscia, Phasmida, Phenacephorus, Presbistus, Prosentoria, Sabah, Sukau

This paper describes a trip to six locations in Sabah, Borneo, during October 2003. A total of around 20 species of stick insects were found at four of these locations, including an undescribed species found at 3300m on Mount Kinabalu. The most commonly encountered species in the lowland forest were Lonchodes spp., haaniella sp., and Asceles margaritatus.

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