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Phasmids of Bangladesh

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1999
Authors:N. Cliquennois
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:41
Date Published:06/1999
Keywords:Baculum sp.. Carausius sp., Bangladesh, Lopaphus sp., Medaura brunneri, Phasmida, Rhamphophasma sp., Rhamphophasma spinicomis, Sipyloidea casignatus, Sipyloidea meneptolemus, Sipyloidea sp.. Sosibia pholidotus, Trachythorax maculicollis

This paper reports the results of phasmid collecting over two years in Bangladesh. Ten species have been collected, many of the records are new for Bangladesh, or new for the particular localities. Notes on foodplants are included, along with a brief guide to the appearance of the adults and eggs.

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