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The Phasmid Phenacephorus spinulosus (Hausleithner) from Borneo, Including a Description of the Female

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1992
Authors:P. E. Bragg
Journal:Entomologists' Monthly Magazine
Start Page:185

The taxonomic status of Phasgania spinulosa Hausleilhner is reviewed, concluding
that the species belongs to the genus Phenacephorus. The differences between Ihe
abdomens of the males of Carausius abbrevialus. C. mirabilis. Phenacephurus spillulosus
and P. cornucervi are illustrated. The female and egg of P. spinuloms are described
and illustrated for the first time. The male is also illustrated and brieny described. Some
notes on captive rearing arc included

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