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A new species of Phenacephorus from Kalimantan (Insecta: Phasmida: Heteronemiidae: Lonchodinae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Journal:Zool. Med. Leiden
Start Page:203

Phenacephorus parahaematomus spec. nov. is described and illustrated. The species is based on two male specimens which were collected in Borneo in 1925. The stout spines on the metanolum and general form closely resembles Lonchodes haematomus Westwood but P. parahaematomus has a spinose mound on the back of the head and spines on the pronolum and abdominal segments.

Some new distribution data is given for Phenacephorus auriculatus (Brunner), and the egg is described and illustrated.

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