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A new species of Lopaphus Westwood, described from Borneo

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1995
Start Page:106

The genus Lopaphus is recorded from Borneo for the first time. The species, L. borneensis spec. novo is described from a series of seven males and five females which were collected in Kalimantan in 1925, two specimens from Sabah, a female collected in 1986 and a male in 1987, and a male which was collected by the author in Brunei in 1991. The female resembles L. brachypterus (de Haan) but is more slender and is readily distinguished by the shape of the mesonotum. The male, female and egg are all illustrated. A modification of Redtenbacher's key to the genus is provided.

Short Title:Zool. Med. Leiden
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