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A new genus and four new species of South African stick insects

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2005
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:25
Date Published:03/2005
Keywords:Clonaria, Gratidiinilobus new genus, Maransis, new species, Phasmida, South Africa, Xylica

An interestingly shaped new species from the Eastern Cape is described in a new genus~ Gratidiinilobus n.gen. The sole representative, G. capensis n.sp., is designated as type species for the genus, which belongs to the subfaml1y Pachymorphinae, tribe Gratidiini. Also described from the same tnbe are Clonana capelongata n.sp. (Northern Cape), Maransis browni n.sp. (Northern Cape). Xylica tomsi n.s~. (Eastern Cape and Nort~lern Provmce) belongs to the subfamily Bacillinae, tribe Xylicini. Other minor taxonomic changes are made relating to Clonana species found in South Africa.

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