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Membership Renewal Reminder

Dear PSG members,

We hope you are enjoying some beautiful weather in your part of the world and that all is well with you!

This is a reminder that the PSG membership year runs 31st Jan - 31st Jan and if you haven't paid for 2014 yet, you need to do so ASAP!  We accept Paypal, Cash, Cheque, Postal Order or International Postal Giro - more details about how to pay can be found at the bottom of this page:

* Please send payment for your 2014 membership as soon as possible! * There are many great benefits to being a PSG member and we have held the membership fees fixed for yet another year, so it's a real bargain too!  We hope you will want to join us for another year :-)

On a side note, we are always seeking contributions for the PSG newsletter.  ALL members are encouraged to contribute!  The article doesn't need to be technical or lengthy (although both are welcome) and can be about any phasmid-related topic.  Some possible subject ideas: reviews about species or your take on how to rear a specie are always particularly welcome; event reviews, instructions to build cages, suggestions for substrate, food, humidity-level production/maintenance; behavioural observations, etc.  Go on - get creative :-)  For more info about newsletter articles, including how to submit them, click here:

We look forward to seeing lots of you in the summer, at the next PSG meeting on Saturday 5th July 2014.

Best wishes,

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