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The description of a new genus for a Jamaican stick-insect

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1998
Authors:P. D. Brock
Journal:Phasmid Studies
Start Page:26
Date Published:06/1998
Keywords:Paracranidium new genus., Phasmida

The holotype female of Diapherodes (Cranidium) pumilio Westwood, 1843 has been traced in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery collection (not in the Natural History Museum, London as reponed by Kirby (1904». This species is transferred to a new genus Paracranidium, reflecting its affinity with Cranidium Westwood, 1843, and designated type species of the new genus. A key is provided to distinguish these genera, which belong to the family Phasmatidae, subfamily Bacteriinae.

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