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Submitting Articles for the PSG Newsletter

We encourage ALL members to send in contributions for the PSG Newsletter (non-members are also welcome to contribute!), such as species reports/information, any reviews on shows and meetings, drawings, photos, phasmid problems, answers to problems, crosswords, quizzes, puzzles, website details, ideas or comments on the Newsletters or the PSG, etc.  Don't worry if you can't spell very well, have no pictures, or think your contribution is not scientific enough.  Just send in whatever you like, this is YOUR Newsletter, and we'll put in it everything you send in - and correct any spellings and add pictures (if needed).

E-mail them via this form or post them to: Mike Smith, 13 Runnacles Street, Silver End, Witham, Essex, CM8 3QN, England, UK.

Closing date for contributions to the PSG Newsletter is the 22nd of the month proceeding publication (but contributions received before then are particularly well-appreciated).  For any help writing your articles, see our Phasmid Study Group Newsletter: Writing Articles page.

Go on...send something in!

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