Phasmid Study Group

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Paul Brock


Large working collection, strong in Australian and Malaysian species, amongst others. Part already donated to BMNH. Some paratypes held, most types in BMNH.

Phasmid Interests: 

Taxonomy, rearing

Brockenhurst, Hampshire, UK
Current Projects: 

Papers on phasmids (particularly Australian, joint papers with Jack Hasenpusch in hand; also others with Oskar Conle and Frank Hennemann), continual updating of PSF, uploading more type photos a priority, DNA barcoding [with Prof. Barbara Mantovani (Bologna, Italy) and Jack Hasenpusch (Nr Innisfail, Australia)]. Also non-phasmid work: popular books on UK insects

PSG Role: 
Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Site Management: 
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