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E. Baker2010Turning Over A New Leaf! [Rearing Leaf Insects]
E. Baker2010Anisomorpha - a real stinker!
D. Alderton2010Leaf insect success
E. Baker2010Prickly Subjects [Rearing Heteropterygidae]
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2009Biographies of Phasmatologists - 9. Morgan Hebard
2009A spectacular new species of Ophicrania Kaup, 1871, from Mindanao, Philippines (Phasmatodea, Phasmatidae, Platycraninae)
2009Handling sticks
J. Fletcher2009Janine's PSG Autobiography
E. Baker2009Phobaeticus chani one of Top 10 Species
2009Gynandromorph of Trachyaretaon brueckneri
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Bradbury2009Ramulus artemis standing UNDER oxygenated water
Bradbury2009Paralysis Illness
2009Communication in Phasmids
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E. Baker2009Illinois
M. Smith2009PSG Summer Meeting, Saturday, 11th July 2009
J. Marshall2009Further notes on the Summer Meeting
K. Wadham2009Meeting Report: BugFest
E. Baker2009Sticks Aplenty
P. E. Bragg2009Index to Phasma 41-70
J. Marshall2009The Darwin Centre is now open
J. M. Hogle2009A most bizarre encounter
R. Lind2009Phasmid eggs - upclose and personal
2009Book Review: The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia
M. Smith2009PSG AGM and Winter Meeting, Saturday 23rd Janaury 2010
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2008Biographies of Phasmatologists - 8. Robert Walter Campbell Shelford
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2007Biographies of Phasmatologists – 1. Henry Walter Bates
2007Biographies of Phasmatologists – 2. George Robert Gray
2007A replacement name for Microphasma Zompro, 1999
2007A redescription of Sosibia lysippus (Westwood, 1859)


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