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1994A Check List of Type Species of Phasmid Genera
P. E. Bragg1997A glossary of terms used to describe phasmids
2005A key to the genera of the Phasmatodea: Areolate (Insecta)
L. Lowe, Brock P. D.1995A new (hot) method of collecting stick insects in Australia
1996A new culture of the subfamily Pachymorphinae from Thailand
2005A new genus and four new species of South African stick insects
1993A new Libethra from Ecuador
2002A new species of Phanocles StaI, 1875, from Costa Rica (Phasmatodea: Diapheromeridae: Diapheromerinae: Diapheromerini)
1997A new species of Phobaeticus Brunner von Wattenwyl, from the Philippines (phasmatidae)
2005A new species of the genus Baculofractum, the first record of the genus from Borneo
2006A new subgenus of Orthomeria Kirby, 1904 and a new species from Danum Valley, Sabah
1996A preliminary study of defence behaviour of Sipyloidea sipylus (Westwood) using amphibian predators
2005A reassessment of some Bornean Lonchodinae and Aschiphasmatidae, with some lectotype designations, new synonyms, and the description of two new species
1994A redefinition of the orientation terminology of phasmid eggs
2007A redescription of Sosibia lysippus (Westwood, 1859)
2007A replacement name for Microphasma Zompro, 1999
M. Bushell1994A Report on a Culture of Phasma gigas from New Ireland
1996A report on Gratidia sp. from Zaire (pSG 141), and a study of the hatching of the eggs
1994A review and key to the genus Phenacephorus Brunner (Insecta: Phasmida: Heteronemiidae: Lonchodinae), including the description of two new species.
2006A review of Paraloxopsis Günther, 1932 and a first description of the male and egg of Paraloxopsis korystes Günther, 1932
2000A review of the genus Medaura Sb\l, 1875 (phasmatidae: Phasmatinae), including the description of a new species from Bangladesh
1995A short description of some deformed eggs of Bacillus lynceorum
1995A survey into the distribution of the stick insects of Britain
1993A survey of the distribution of the unarmed stick insect Acanthoxyla inermis in Port Gaverne and port Isaac, North Cornwall in 1992
1995A survey of the phasmids held in the collection of the National Museum of Wales, Cathays Park, Cardiff
1993A very pretty phasmid: Parectatosoma hystrix
1997An Ancient Stick Insect
1998An updated survey of the distribution of the stick insects of Britain
2002Asceles margaritatus Redtenbacher, a phasmid from Borneo with two distinct wing lengths
2002Aschiphasmatidae, Heteropteryginae and Lonchodinae in the Forestry Research Centre, Sepilok, Sabah
1998Bacillus grandii maretimi Scali & Mantovani, 1990 of the island of Marettimo (Egadi Archipelago, North-western Sicily): observations on its distribution and behaviour
1995Baculum sp. from Chiang Mai (PSG 153)
2007Biographies of Phasmatologists – 1. Henry Walter Bates
2007Biographies of Phasmatologists – 2. George Robert Gray
2003Catalogue of type-material of the insect order Phasmatodea deposited in the Museum fiir Tierkunde, Dresden, Germany
1996Changes of taxonomy in giant stick-insects
2000Cigarrophasma, a new genus of stick-insect (phasmatidae) from Australia
1995Comments on some species of Phasmida described by Stoll in 1788 and named by Olivier in 1792
1993Defensive and flying behaviour in Sipyloidea sp. (PSG 103)
2005Description of the female of Diesbachia chani Bragg, 2001
2000First records and discovery of two new species of Anisomorpha Gray (Phasmida: Pseudophasmatidae) in Haiti and Dominican Republic
1995Food plants for Phyllium bioculatum Gray in Sri Lanka
1996Further morphological variations in Bornean phasmids: Carausius cristatus Brunner, and Lonchodes haematomus Westwood
O. Zompro2005Haplopus Burmeister, 1838, replacement name for Aplopus Gray, 1835 (Phasmatodea)
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J. Sellick1993Looking at Baculum eggs
P. E. Bragg1992More spermatophores produced by Lonchodinae
P. D. Brock1999New records of alien stick-insects


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