Welcome to the Phasmid Study Group (PSG)!

We are an international community passionate about keeping, rearing and studying phasmids ("stick insects" and "leaf insects", or "walking sticks" as known in the USA).  Members range from hobbyists to some of the most knowledgeable professional entomologists in the world - including several published and well-known authors on the subject!  We have members all over the world.  Join us!

Our website contains the most comprehensive collection of information covering stick insects and leaf insects. As well as providing our own material, we also provide lots of content from third-party sources to give you access to the majority of the world's collective knowledge of these fascinating creatures.

To get started, hover your mouse over the "PSG Info" and "Phasmid Info" tabs top left - there you will find lots more links about the PSG and phasmids in general. You can also chat with lots of other phasmid fans on our Facebook page

Welcome! We hope you find our site interesting and useful.


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Heteropteryx dilatata - Heaviest Heteropteryx competition

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